JCM 800 - August 31st 2013

I will be playing at Brick by Brick in san Diego August 31st 2013.
This show is special because it will be the first time that Dave Casey and I have performed together in over 20 years. We’ve worked a few studio projects but this will be our first real show together.
Along with Dave is an astounding group of musicians.

Dave Casey is not only a killer drummer but one of the most creative people I know. He’s great writer and a gifted recording engineer. He has done some incredible work. Plus, I’ve known him him since he was 16 years old! We’ve been through the trenches and back together. He’s been a huge part of making this project work!

Jon Morris is a legend in his own right. He’s toured the world with Dig and played on countless records. He’s one of the few guitar players that I click with. His creativity inspires me to push harder plus his wicked sense of humor makes him a lot of fun to work with.

Jaime (James) Cater is a true musician to the core. He’s been the ‘go to’ bass player in Los Angeles for several years. He’s worked in just about every studio in LA and played just about every venue as well as touring with many different acts. He is rock solid and one of the coolest dudes i’ve ever met.

Trent Slatton has taken over most of the vocal duties for us. I was going to be the main signer at first but I’m a much better guitar player! Trent is also a legend. He is not only a Realtor but he has work on countless records as an engineer/producer. All of have been signed to major labels but Trent is the only one of us that has earned platinum status! Trent knows music inside and out and is not your typical egocentric vocalist!
That makes him so much fun to work with too!

For this show we’ve got a least one special guest. Can’t tell you who it is, that wouldn’t make it special now would it!?

We hope to see you there!


Cocoa Blue

Winding down with the Cocoa Blue record. It’s taken way too long to finish... sometimes life gets in the way.
I’m not in charge of the release date but I hope if comes out soon.
I plan on working on my stuff again soon! I’ve only got a few tracks left that need work and I’m done!

I’m also hoping to work on Tod Howarth’s new CD next year. I had a blast working on his Cold Beach single.

Rock on!!


Radio show September 2nd

Tune in Sunday September 2nd to listen to one of my songs. If you like it make sure to bug the fine folks at: http://www.kprifm.com/pages/homegrown

thank you..... drive through.

Max's move to middle school

IMG_2797So today my son Max graduates from elementary school and will begin that awkward path towards teenhood. I was not a fan of middle school at all! However he is academically way more advanced than I was when I was his age. Maybe he will have a better go of it than I did.I wish him all the luck in the world... He’ll need it!!!Congratulations Max!

Music stuff

I’ve been mixing songs for my solo record in the last few weeks. I only have to finish lyrics on one more song!
Most of the songs have been tracked and I’ve finished almost all of the overdubs etc.

Most musicians are perfectionists with recording.. I’m not one of those.. I record very quick and try everything possible to keep the early takes.. and not because I like the ‘vibe’ it’s because it’s a pain in the ass to have to re-track stuff I’ve already laid down!
It’s usually when I’m mixing that I hit the wall and get pissed enough to fix shitty recordings and bad timing etc. UGH! It’s like pulling teeth!

When I work with other people I’m fine with getting the right take. That’s why it has taken me so long to finish this project. I fight with the tracks till I’m forced to fix shit!

I’ll post some samples here soon.